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CH28 – Titration 2


The winner? p1


  • P1 – Monday, March 27th
  • P3 – Thursday, March 23rd
  • P5 – Tuesday, March 28th

Recap Virtual Lab

  • what data was required?
  • what was tricky about the process?
  • how did I know when the equivalence point waas reached?

Titration – Part 2 [LIVE]

  • conduct same lab
  • HCl & NaOH are the reactants
  • Purpose: standardize the NaOH solution
  • Safety notes

Homework [Due Class 29]

  • Complete Data section for BOTH virtual lab and “Live” lab (in LNB)
  • Complete Calculation section for “live” lab only (in LNB)
  • Please do not do work beyond this…
Quiz Topics [Class 29]

  • Section 4.8 (textbook)
  • Class notes & vocabulary (Acid-Base)
  • Lab information (background / procedure / data / calcs)
  • Lab report formatting
  • Could you write a lab report in class provided sample data?
  • Could you explain factors impacting the result?
  • Can you spell the proper glassware used in the lab?
  • What is the indicator used? How does it work?
  • Quick quiz (20 minutes)


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