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CH33 – Still VL

Dates P4 – Monday, April 2nd P5 – Monday, April 2nd P7 – Tuesday, April 3rd Mini-Lab Reports nice job! very clean and logical reminder: writing in LNB is not … Continue reading


Virtual Lab Support

Welcome to the Virtual Lab! The virtual lab is software designed to replicate the chemistry and decision-making in a real chemistry lab. The software allows for unlimited trials and experimentation … Continue reading


CH32 – Virtual Chemistry

Date Friday, March 30th Quick Idea – Standardization know approximate molarity titration is performing to determine concentration focus: reducing uncertainty and adding sig figs NOTE: “0.1 M” indicates a number … Continue reading


CP32 – Opening Day

Date Thursday, March 29th Opening Day Life begins on Opening Day [LINK] [LINK] Homework Review different scenarios for mixing if there is a reaction – changes how to approach Virtual … Continue reading


CP31 – pH Practice

Date Wednesday, March 28th Homework Recap calculating pH questions pH –> [H+} –> pH Extending = Let’s Practice Ch. 15 – #19 (all) Ch. 15 – #29 Ch. 15 – … Continue reading


CP30 – pH

Date Monday, March 26th Recap – Titration Lab reaction calculations formatting New Idea – pH easy way to indicate how much acid in solution strong acids calculation examples Homework Ch. … Continue reading


CH29 – pH

Dates P4 – Friday, March 23rd P5 – Monday, March 26th P7 – Monday, March 26th Lab Recap thoughts? questions? short-form lab report New Idea – pH Strong Acid defined … Continue reading


CH28 – Lab Day

Dates P4 – Wednesday, March 21st P5 – Thursday, March 22nd P7 – Friday, March 23rd Long Block I – Titration Lab Notes waste beaker distilled water refilling the burets … Continue reading


CP28 – Titrations

Date Tuesday, March 20th Recap acid-base = behavior identify the acid and base in a reaction HF + H2O –> F- + H3O+ Long Block I – Titration Reactions define … Continue reading


CH27 – Titrations

Dates P4 – Monday, March 19th P5 – Monday, March 19th P7 – Tuesday, March 20th Class Business tests (handed back after Tuesday) comments written (always honest) New Idea – … Continue reading


CP27 – Acids & Bases

Date Monday, March 19th Class Business Hand back tests Comment cards written questions? New Idea – Acids! Bases! definitions examples Neutralization / Titration reactions between acids and bases builds upon … Continue reading


CP33 – Spring Break

Date Friday, April 7th Recap – Virtual Lab patterns? ideas? challenges? New Fun! More Virtual Lab Try: Stoichiometry and Limiting Reagents –> Oracle Problem Try: Quantitative Analysis –> Unknown Concentration … Continue reading


CH33 – Vacation

Dates P1 – Friday, April 7th P3 – Friday, April 7th P5 – Thursday, April 6th Recap – Titration Curve what does the shape indicate? how do I know where … Continue reading


CP32 – Acids and Bases

Date Tuesday, April 4th Class Business Collect LNB Questions? Lab formatting? Ideas? Trends? Homework Review Patterns Math Conenctions (logs and exponents) Virtual Lab Activity Starting Notes Gotta have Java installed … Continue reading


CH32 – Titration Curves

Dates P1 – Wednesday, April 5th P3 – Thursday, April 6th P5 – Tuesday, April 4th Class Activity – Overview definition of titration curve determine the pH at various points of … Continue reading


CH31 – Water

Dates P1 – Monday, April 3rd P3 – Monday, April 3rd P5 – Friday, March 31st Recap Calculate stuff based on last class Different ways? Showing units? Process? Meaning? Extending … Continue reading


CP31 – pH

Date Friday, March 31st Lab Recap What results did you find? Correction on [OH–] New Idea = Water bracket notation autoionization of water product of ions is a constant Practice … Continue reading


CP30 – Titration

Date Thursday, March 30th Lab Day Titration of vinegar with NaOH safety fun! color change! calculations! Homework Calculations in LNB