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CP02 – Matter



  • Monday, August 28th

Class Business – Chapter Notes

  • notes should focus on key terms / examples of problems (if appropriate)
  • only review sections indicated
  • bullet points / complete sentences not necessary
  • PDF to Schoology
  • never emailed
  • most likely two pages or less

New Material – Classification of Matter

  • Key terms: solution, mixture, compound, element
  • how do I know whether something is one thing or another?


  • grab “classification” sheet from GDrive
  • define each term on your own (no looking up!)
  • categorize the following substances (milk, brass, aluminum, water, granola, love, paper, carbon dioxide, air, fire, hydrogen, Gatorade, tap water)
  • Add 8 more (two in each category)
  • provide support
  • share!


  • can a substance in one category be changed to a substance in another?
  • what kinds of processes must be used to do so?
  • indicate on the paper


  • Ch. 1 Notes (see Syllabus for sections)
  • submit a PDF to Schoology


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