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CH09 – Quantum Numbers

Shiny Orbitals


  • P4 – Friday, September 15th
  • P5 – Friday, September 15th
  • P7 – Monday, September 18th

Orbitals – What do we know?

  • where likely to be found
  • “time-lapse” of electron position
  • overlap of different electrons (because orbitals are not objects)
  • could actually be anywhere

Orbitals – More definition

  • within an atom, each electron has its own orbital “space”
  • there are rules for where elctrons can be
  • Characteristics: size, shape, orientation, spin
  • Size: whole number ordinals, start with “1”, increase = more energy larger space
  • Shape: s, p, d, f (indicate the shape of the orbital)
  • Orientation: can be aligned with different axes
  • Each orbital can hold 2 electrons, with different spin
  • Each characteristic has a quantum muber (with rules)


Coolest Web Site Ever

  • The Orbitron [LINK]
  • Can visualize the orbitals
  • Also pictures in the book

How do write quantum mumbers

  • QN Table
  • Fill out table
  • Write QN for lowest 25 electrons


  • Finish QN table


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