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CP25 – Orbitals

Date Monday, October 23rd Recap what is a continuous world? what does it mean to be quantized? can you provide example / analogy of each? New Idea – Levels & … Continue reading


CP24 – Lines!

Date Thursday, October 19th Chat Session how is it going? Quinton has empathy – hang in there! New Idea – Quantized Energy what does it mean to have discreet energies? … Continue reading


CP23 – Levels

Date Tuesday, October 17th Class Business scientist questions quiz “review” most challenging idea? CER Worksheet Claim / Evidence / Reasoning Worksheet What did each scientist contribute? Possible to condense to … Continue reading


CP18192021 – Project Work

Dates Wednesday, October 4th Friday, October 6th Tuesday, October 10th Thursday, October 12th Class Work Working in project groups filming writing script project research NoodleTools Submission Requirements video posted to … Continue reading


CH09 – Quantum Numbers

Dates P4 – Friday, September 15th P5 – Friday, September 15th P7 – Monday, September 18th Orbitals – What do we know? where likely to be found “time-lapse” of electron … Continue reading


CH08 – H Spectrum

Dates P4 – Wednesday, September 13th P5 – Wednesday, September 13th P7 – Thursday, September 14th Activity – Hydrogen Spectrum formula to calculate the energy levels of hydrogen principal quantum … Continue reading


CH06 – Electrons

Dates P4 – Thursday, September 7th P5 – Thursday, September 7th P6 – Friday, September 8th Pulling Together What did Dalton think the atom looked like? What did Thomson know … Continue reading


CP25 – Party Time!

Party Date Tuesday, November 1st Party-Time Questions Q1 – Scientist Identification Q2 – Treu / False Questions (atomic theory) Q3 – Line Spectrum determination Q4 – Electron Configurations & Orbital Diagrams … Continue reading