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CP23 – Levels

Emission Spectrum


  • Tuesday, October 17th

Class Business

  • scientist questions quiz “review”
  • most challenging idea?

CER Worksheet

  • Claim / Evidence / Reasoning Worksheet
  • What did each scientist contribute?
  • Possible to condense to one word?

New Idea – Energy Levels Simulation

  • Go to this site [LINK] and click the Download button (save to your desktop).
  • To open, find the icon, hold down the Control button on your keyboard, click the icon, and choose Open.
  • This will pop up a window, which you should then dismiss by clicking Open, and the simulation should load.
  • Click the Multiple Atoms tab, choose the Continuous button, and set the electron percentage fairly low, around 20%.
  • On the bottom at the right, check the spectrometer button.  Take a look at this PDF [LINK] for some other comments about what you’re seeing.
  • Make some observations (written in your notes) as the simulation runs for a few minutes.
  • Then change the drop down menu to a new element and watch a few more minutes. Play around. Feel free to configure your own element.
  • Work on making connections between Bohr’s model and the emission spectra of the elements.

New Idea – Emission Spectrum Simulation

  • Go this this web site [LINK]
  • Take notes on the connection between the spectra and energy levels
  • Questions? Thoughts?
  • HELP for FLASH on Chrome [LINK]
  • HELP for FLASH on Safari [LINK]

Pulling Together

  • What is the meaning of a line spectrum?
  • How is this proof of energy levels?


  • Watch both simulations
  • Take notes on BOTh simulations
  • [see tech for support if not playing]
  • Note – Test Tuesday, Oct 31 (Unit 4)



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