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CH14 – Review Day Chillin’


  • P4 – Thursday, February 8th
  • P5 – Friday, February 9th
  • P7 – Friday, February 9th

Review Day

  • class time to review for the test
  • work on practice problems
  • Last year’s test posted in GDrive (no answer key,  covered different material)
  • review materials will be posted… stay tuned
  • HINT: I would suggest STRONGLY that you look at problem 85 (Ch. 3) for an example for how a problem MIGHT be asked on the test.


  • No headphones
  • No phones (in backpacks)
  • You must LOOK like you are working on Chemistry
  • OK to work on lab in LNB


  • Study for the test <good luck!>



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