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CP5152 – Review

Dates Tuesday, May 22nd Thursday, May 24th Class Business Exam return Homework return Questions? Final Exam (Wednesday, May 30th @ 1:00 pm) Classes 51/52 for student review (not teacher-directed) Semester Exam … Continue reading


CH50 – The End

Dates P4 – Monday, May 21st P5 – Monday, May 21st P7 – Tuesday, May 22nd Test Details all equations provided all conversions provided all contsants provided U bring calculator … Continue reading


CH42 – Review

Dates P4 – Tuesday, May 1st P5 – Tuesday, May 1st P7 – Wednesday, May 2nd Review Day! thermo worksheets syllabus textbook problems! Test Information yes, I will provide you … Continue reading


CH14 – Review Day Chillin’

Dates P4 – Thursday, February 8th P5 – Friday, February 9th P7 – Friday, February 9th Review Day class time to review for the test work on practice problems Last … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Classes 11 & 12

Dates Thursday, January 28th Friday, January 29th Kairos Assignment The purpose of assignment review and recap material from the course covered until this point In addition, the goal is to … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Final Days

Dates Monday, April 20th = Review for the week Tuesday, April 21st = Stoichiometry & Reactions & Gases ( A / B / C / D ) Thursday, April 23rd = Quantum mechanics & Periodicity & Lewis ( A / B / C / D … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Classes 14/15/16

Dates Monday, September 22nd – Thursday, September 25th Test Prep / Test / Test Review test on textbook Chapters 3/4 objectives posted in Schoology 5 questions – all are “work-em-out” … Continue reading