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CP40 – Long Block Lab

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  • Tuesday, April 24th

Data Collection Review

  • what is to be recorded?
  • what to watch for?

Lab Day Notes

  • be sure and notice the identity of the metal
  • hot plates
  • wash beakers
  • use tap water
  • sig figs –> thermometers
  • gloves
  • cwater = 4.184 J/g°C

Lab Calculations

  • working in LNB
  • show as if HW problem (not lab reporting)
  • can you determine the identity of the metal?

Lab Analysis

  • how do we calculate the result?
  • what factors introduced uncertainty?
  • what impact would they have on your results?

  • Typed Lab Report
  • One per lab pair
  • Purpose, Data, Calcs, Analysis, Conclusion
  • B sure 2 include the identity of the unknown (letter) and your answer
  • I will collect LNB on Friday as well
  • NOTE: outline (bullet points of the analysis and conclusion sections should be in the LNB as well. Nothing can be written in a typed lab report that doesn’t already exists (in note form) in the LNB. The LNB is the SOURCE for the formal report, a sort of “rough draft.”



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