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CH43 – No Big Deal

Dates P4 – Wednesday, May 2nd P5 – Thursday, May 3rd P7 – Thursday, May 3rd Test Day Notes You got this focus on HOW YOU SHOW YOUR WORK be … Continue reading


CP43 – Party On!

Date Wednesday, May 2nd Test Day! time to celebrate your success on this unit! questions are drawn from the worksheets in class all equations and constants provided Test Questions enthalpy … Continue reading


CP40 – Long Block Lab

Date Tuesday, April 24th Data Collection Review what is to be recorded? what to watch for? Lab Day Notes be sure and notice the identity of the metal hot plates … Continue reading


CH34 – Almost…

Dates P4 – Wednesday, April 4th P5 – Thursday, April 5th P7 – Friday, April 6th Lab Reports submit mini-reports comments? liked? didn’t like? Long Block Part 1: Virtual Lab … Continue reading


CP26 – Meditation

Date Wednesday, March 14th Test Day breathe… it will be OK! Homework Not a chance!


CH24 – Class Meeting

Dates P4 – Monday, March 12th P5 – Monday, March 12th P7 – tuesday, March 13th Practicing Problem Set [LINK] problems NOT assigned as HW 83, 89 #fun #knowledge Homework … Continue reading


CH22 – Freedom!

Dates P4 – Wednesday, March 7th P5 – Wednesday, March 7th P7 – Thursday, March 8th Long Block Classes P4 & P5 = do not meet (Career Day) P7 = … Continue reading


CH15 – Test Day

Date Monday, February 12th Test Overview 55 minutes 6 questions (work-em-out style) No multiple choice or short answer students provide appropriate calculator work in pencil only (so you can erase … Continue reading


CP44 – Final Exam

UPDATED: THURSDAY, DECEMBER 14TH @ 1:00 PM Date Friday, December 15th Provided Information Periodic Table [LINK] Element Electronegativities (provided on exam questions) Polyatomic Ions (names, formulas, charges) [LINK] Transition Metal … Continue reading


CP1 – Bitmoji Chemists

What a crew! Anna Anna Ally Pari Paulina Julia Julia Izzy Charlotte Anya Anya Alexana Alexana Alexana Alexa Alexa Alexa Fifolu Fifolu Q


CP13 – RXN Lab

Date Friday, September, 22nd Lab Day! Lab set up Lab Safety Use of LNB Distilled Water bottles push in chairs toothpicks scoopula waste beaker lab station numbering working in pairs … Continue reading


Hands on Fire

The students of the BLAST club had a… well… BLAST… at the first meeting on Tuesday. Sometimes fire makes things fun!


Student Demonstrations

In January of 2017, my students planned and conducted a series of chemical demonstrations. I compiled a playlist of the videos made during the process. They are simply wonderful! I … Continue reading


CH22 – The Demo

Dates P1 – Monday, October 24th P3 – Monday, October 24th P5 – Tuesday, October 25th New Idea – Demonstration Project Review Handout (GDrive) Group formation Initial Idea Note: due … Continue reading


The Elements Song

From Wikipedia: “The Elements” is a song by musical humorist and lecturer Tom Lehrer, which recites the names of all the chemical elements known at the time of writing, up … Continue reading


Chemistry Lab Carol

Silent Night Silent lab, difficult lab We’re not calm, we’re not bright Round the lab table confused and alone Please, dear teacher, please throw us a bone We confess mistakes … Continue reading


Robotics Crew @ Prom

Yup – they know how to have fun…


Chemistry Carols

  Deck the Halls Deck the lab with flasks and beakers fa la la la la, la la la la Tie your hair back and wear sneakers fa la la … Continue reading