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CH44 – Gases



  • P4 – Monday, May 7th
  • P5 – Monday, May 7th
  • P7 – Tuesday, May 8th

Test 03

  • Hand back test
  • Review test answers
  • Review concepts
  • Answer questions

Lab Report

  • Hand back
  • answer questions
  • what score constitutes a “complete” lab?

New Idea – Gases!

  • This is the final unit of the year
  • FYI – we will cover ALL of Ch. 5 in the textbook

Introductory Simulation

  • Go to this page [LINK]
  • Download the app that runs a program
  • Open the file (your laptop will ask about security)


  • Inject a little bit of gas into the chamber
  • notice the measurements that can be made
  • notice the movement of the particles
  • now altar a single condition of the gas
  • what does this do to the motion of the particles?
  • repeat for other conditions


  • what variables can be measured?
  • what does each look like in terms of particle motion?
  • how does one affect the others?


  • Ch. 5 Notes (Sections 1 – 6)
  • Due by the end of the unit
  • Typed (submitted PDF to Schoology)


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