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CP32 – Acids and Bases



  • Tuesday, April 4th

Class Business

  • Collect LNB
  • Questions? Lab formatting?
  • Ideas? Trends?

Homework Review

  • Patterns
  • Math Conenctions (logs and exponents)

Virtual Lab Activity


Starting Notes

  • Gotta have Java installed on your Mac [LINK]
  • The Virtual Lab can be downloaded here [LINK]
  • Video walk-through of how to Virtual Lab [LINK]
  • Web page Virtual Lab user guide [LINK]

Virtual Lab Instructions

  • Goal: titrate base with acid
  • use same equipment as in “real lab”
  • simulates actions and decisions
  • realistic transfer mode
  • sig figs and data recording

Virtual Lab Assignment

  • Load Homework > Acids and Bases > Standardization of NaOH
  • Read instructions
  • Take data
  • perform calculations & get an answer


  • Finish: Data, Calculations in LNB

This is cool

Acid-Base Solutions

Click to Run


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