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AP Chemistry: Class 34 & 35

Dates Monday, March 21st Tuesday, March 22nd Finish Study of Equilibrium Review Ksp problems Homework due Tuesday Two extra problems in folder for extra Quiz Tuesday ONE AP problem Ksp … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 26

Date Friday, March 4th Acid-Base Equilibrium Problems Thoughts Titration one-way before EQ Ka x Kb = Kw pH + POH = 14 pH = pKa + log[A-]/[HA] Homework Finish AP … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 23

Date Monday, February 29th Exam: Kinetics and Equilibrium Two questions (one each topic) AP style questions 40 minutes to complete test Homework No Homework


AP Chemistry: Class 22

Date Thursday, February 25th Finish Equilibrium Concepts Le Chatelier’s Principle when it applies – what it means examples Test / Quiz Monday Two problems – AP Style kinetics & equilibrium … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 21

Date Wednesday, February 24th Equilibrium Recap Equilibrium expressions “K” value (meaning? calculate?) “Q” value (when to use? meaning?) homogeneous v heterogeneous pocesses Practice Scenarios 04-B-1 (basic ideas) 00-A-1 (given information … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 20

Date Monday, February 22nd Recap Kinetics Lab overall findings challenges / obstructions Lab Report Individual report (LNB) full / polished / “nice” write ups used shared class data New Material: … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Classes 36 / 37

Date Wednesday, March 25th Equilibrium and Free Energy relationship between DG and K examples AP Problems 11-B-3 09-A-5 08-B-6 Thursday work in-class on textbook problems (Class 35) and AP problems … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Classes 26 – 31

Dates Wednesday, March 4th – Friday, March 13th New Material – Acid / Base Equilibria PPT Presentation found in Schoology basic concepts Chapter 16 strong acids / weak acids overview … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Classes 23 / 24 / 25

Dates Thursday, February 26th, Friday, February 27th, Tuesday, March 3rd Equilibrium Lab Lab posted in Schoology Prep and conduct lab Friday in class One class group for this experiment Notes … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 21

Date Monday, February 23rd Class Business return LNB return Kinetics AP Problems 8.5 weeks of class remain before the exam Equilibrium PPT Overview Basic concepts Sample Problem (08-A-1) Homework Chapter … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 82-83

Dates Periods E/F: Wednesday, March 20th Periods E/F: Wednesday, March 21st Class Business Guest Lecture: Thursday (Period E), Friday (Period F) Test next week – be sure and communicate with … Continue reading