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Chemistry Honors – Fall Final Exam

Test Format Details The exam has 12 questions, covering topics from the whole semester The exam question format is short-answer and there are no multiple choice questions The exam is … Continue reading


Analyzing AP Performance

In this post I will take a look at some performance data objectively, a topic about which I preach constantly to my students. Before doing so I must comment on … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Practice M/C Exams

So, here we are… March 27th… about to embrace the beauty of Spring Break… one step away from the freedom that two weeks away from school provides! W00t! So that … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: “The Deal”

Students, there is more debate about the objective of AP courses than you might imagine. That is to say, if you surveyed all of the teachers of AP courses at … Continue reading

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AP Chemistry – Fall 2012 – Final Exam

Final Exam Thinking Did you know there is a document which lists all course objectives for all of the chapters? It is called “Course Objectives” and can be found in … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Fall Final Exam

The final exam will take place on Monday, December 19th in the SHP cafeteria. Here are the details of the final exam. The exam will consist of four AP-style problems … Continue reading