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CP50 – Last Dance

Date Thursday, May 17th Test Details all equations provided all conversions provided all contsants provided U bring calculator U bring pencil U bring your glorious and amazing self! Test Questions … Continue reading


CH47 – Stoichiometry

Date Monday, May 14th Recap Homework Partial Pressures Changing Gases questions? comments? New Idea – Gases and Stoichiometry gases are a part of chemical reactions examples: combustion can include volumes … Continue reading


CP45 – Gases

Date Tuesday, May 8th Class Business hand back tests – questions? hand back lab reports – questions? what is remaning in the class Recap from Class 44 what are the … Continue reading


CH44 – Gases

Dates P4 – Monday, May 7th P5 – Monday, May 7th P7 – Tuesday, May 8th Test 03 Hand back test Review test answers Review concepts Answer questions Lab Report … Continue reading


CP44 – Gases

Date Thursday, May 3rd Class Business test grading LNB grading lab report grading New Idea – Gases! This is the final unit of the year FYI – we will cover … Continue reading


CH46 – Reactions & Gases

Dates P1 – Tuesday, May 16th P3 – Wednesday, May 17th P5 – Tuesday, May 16th Recap – Ideal Gas Law HW Questions Variations of IGL? New Idea – Stoichiometry … Continue reading


CP43 – Pressure

Date Monday, May 8th Class Business Semester plan Other questions? New Idea – Gases Pressure Units KMT Homework See post with semester plan


Chemistry Honors: Class 53

Dates Period A: Monday, May 9th Period B: Monday, May 9th Period F: Tuesday, May 10th Gases – Introduction (activity on iPad to share with Class) List five gases that … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Classes 11 & 12

Dates Period B: Tuesday, January 27th / Wednesday, January 28th Period D: Tuesday, January 27th / Thursday, January 29th Period G: Wednesday, January 28th / Thursday, January 29th Exam: Gases – … Continue reading