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Chemistry Honors: Class 53



  • Period A: Monday, May 9th
  • Period B: Monday, May 9th
  • Period F: Tuesday, May 10th

Gases – Introduction (activity on iPad to share with Class)

  • List five gases that you have experienced. Write both the names and formulas
  • Draw a simple picture of a container and what the gas looks like inside the container
  • Indicate how the gas is moving
  • List the types of measurements that can be made on the gas
  • Describe what each measurement “looks like” within the gas
  • Indicate how the factors might be related

Lab – Boyle’s Law

  • PASCO equipment demonstration
  • Instructions posted in Schoology
  • LNB fun!


  • prep lab in LNB (for Class 54)
  • Notes: Chpater 5.1 – 5.6 (due Monday May 16th)



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