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CH07 – Spectral Lines

Emission Spectrum

Class Business

  • a word about workload
  • what to do when homework takes a long time

Textbook Notes

  • goal – record big ideas
  • student not expected to understand what is in chapter
  • student is expected to know if an idea is present in chapter
  • notes are another piece in understanding material
  • final thought: if you are 45 minutes into HW and you are not “getting it” or have run out of time, please understand my homework policy, and how I would rather you sleep and come to school refreshed with questions.



  • the picture above is the result of a “continuous” energy spectrum
  • continuous vs. quantized world
  • can you think of any examples of quantized in your experience?
  • it is difficult to process because we have no macro experience of this
  • see above: Balmer (1885)

Energy Levels

  • electrons can only have certain levels
  • when given energy they rise accordingly
  • not a stable scenario, with the electron returning to original level
  • electrons will seek lowest energy possible
  • will “step down”
  • every possible combination of returning to lower level is seen
  • when returning to lower levels, energy emitted as differences
  • the energy emitted is LIGHT
  • different energies of light = different colors



  • possible transitions with 4 levels
  • what are emitted energies?
  • what does energy spectrum look like?


  • No HW
  • We will use next class to determine spectrum
  • please bring a calculator


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