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CH42 – Recap and Review

Dates P4 – Friday, December 8th P5 – Friday, December 8th P7 – Monday, December 11th PART I – GROUP QUIZ Overall Structure students work in pairs! (one grade for … Continue reading


CP42 – Recap and Review

Date Wednesday, December 6th [LONG BLOCK] PART I – GROUP QUIZ Overall Structure students given three formulas students also given information about a physical property need to match the substance … Continue reading


CH41 – Connections

Dates P4 – Tuesday, December 5th P5 – Tuesday, December 5th P7 – Wednesday, December 6th New Idea – KMT (see top picture) distribution of particle energy high and low … Continue reading


CP41 – Physical Properties

Date Monday, December 4th Recap Lab rubric questions / comments / suggestions Revisit Ideas how do I determine molecule polarity? what are the steps? how do I compare different polarities? … Continue reading


CH40 – Update

Dates P4 – Monday, December 4th P5 – Monday, December 4th P7 – Monday, December 4th Update After taking some time to reflect on the course schedule for the upcoming … Continue reading


CH39 – Lab Working

Dates P4 – Thursday, November 30th P5 – Thursday, November 30th P7 – Friday, December 1st Class Work lab report collaboration time follow posted guidelines Homework Lab Report in LNB … Continue reading


CP3940 – Lab Processing

Dates Thursday, November 30th Friday, December 1st Lab Recap & Processing what happened in lab? how do we account for uncertainty? how do we rank the liquids? how do we … Continue reading


CH38 – Polarity Lab

Dates P4 – Wednesday, November 29th P5 – Wednesday, November 29th P7 – Wednesday, November 29th Lab Day (woohoo!) procedure notes safety notes LNB notes Lab Debrief what did you … Continue reading


CP38 – Polarity Lab

Date Tuesday, November 28th Lab Day review supply locations safety & disposal Conduct Lab in Pairs controlled experiment? complete data recording? Lab Debrief What did you find? How do I … Continue reading


CP37 – IMF

Date Monday, November 27th Class Business – Semester Finish 37 – IMF and Lab Preview 38 – Polarity Lab [LINK] 39 – IMF & Polarity Lab 40 – Polarity Lab Report … Continue reading


CH37 – IMF

Dates P4 – Monday, November 27th P5 – Monday, November 27th P7 – Tuesday, November 28th Class Business – Semester Finish 37 – IMF and Lab Preview 38 – Polarity … Continue reading