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CH40 – Update



  • P4 – Monday, December 4th
  • P5 – Monday, December 4th
  • P7 – Monday, December 4th


After taking some time to reflect on the course schedule for the upcoming week, I have concluded that it does not support the optimal result I am hoping to acheive. That is to say, if my goal for students is to understand the concepts of poalrity, IMF, and how they connect to determine physical properties then maybe there is a better way to accomplish this. So I have decided to alter the plan for this week, hoping that we can all breathe and try and make the connections that have “carry” and are important to understand.

  • The test for Class 41 is canceled. (Really… it goes away…)
  • During Classes 40 and 41 we will connect, review, and solidify concepts
  • Class 42 is a long block. During the first half of the long block students will take a “group activity quiz” lasting no more than 30 minutes. The word “quiz” is used only because I will evaluate the results of the group, but you will have access to all of the resources generated throughout the unit. It is a chance to show the connections you have been making all allong.
  • The material for Units 5 & 6 will be tested on the final exam (as before).

I will certainly clarify all of this during the next few days but I am hoping this adds some relief to your thinking about this week and ther workload.

Lab Report

  • debrief
  • rubric posted (review)
  • questions? thoughts? challenges?

Finishing IMF

  • slide presentation
  • summary flow chart
  • look! cool pictures below!


New Idea – IMF & Physical Properties

  • slide presentation
  • boiling point
  • viscosity
  • surface tension
  • vapor pressure


  • See Class 37 for the details and Schoology for the dates


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