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CP37 – IMF

Date Monday, November 27th Class Business – Semester Finish 37 – IMF and Lab Preview 38 – Polarity Lab [LINK] 39 – IMF & Polarity Lab 40 – Polarity Lab Report … Continue reading


CH37 – IMF

Dates P4 – Monday, November 27th P5 – Monday, November 27th P7 – Tuesday, November 28th Class Business – Semester Finish 37 – IMF and Lab Preview 38 – Polarity … Continue reading


CH34 – Polarity

Dates P1 – Monday, November 28th P3 – Monday, November 28th P5 – Tuesday, November 29th Class Business Test recap New Material What happens during boiling? What does higher temperature … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 04

Date Wednesday, January 13th Phase Diagrams phase changes show the relationship between states and P-V unique for every substance relationship to heating-cooling curves energy changes v temperature changes examples Ch. … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 02

Date Friday, January 8th Graphing Activity why do the graph lines behave as they do? Overview of types of IM forces Types of Bonding Practice Chapter 11 (18, 19, 20, … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Classes 47 / 48

Dates Period A: Wednesday, December 2nd & Thursday, December 3rd Period B: Wednesday, December 2nd & Friday, December 4th Period F: Thursday, December 3rd & Friday, December 4th Intermolecular Forces Review (Day 1) … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Classes 40 / 41

Dates Period A: Friday, November 13th & Tuesday, November 14th Period B: Friday, November 13th & Tuesday, November 14th Period F: Monday, November 16th & Wednesday, November 15th New Material – Phases Look … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Classes 53 / 54 / 55

Dates Period B: Wednesday, May 6th & Friday, May 8th Period D: Thursday, May 7th & Friday, May 8th Period G: Thursday, May 7th & Monday, May 11th Exam – … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 52

Dates Period B: Tuesday, May 5th Period D: Tuesday, May 5th Period G: Wednesday, May 6th Types of IM Forces Dispersion Forces Dipoles Hydrogen Bonds Relationship of IM Forces to … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Ch. 10 Videos

The following videos will serve as an excellent supplement to the textbook and class instruction for this unit of study. Please take some time to review them as a way … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 51

Dates Period B: Friday, May 1st Period D: Monday, May 4th Period G: Monday, May 4th Topic – Intermolecular Forces what are the forces between particles in a substance? how … Continue reading