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CH50 – The End

Dates P4 – Monday, May 21st P5 – Monday, May 21st P7 – Tuesday, May 22nd Test Details all equations provided all conversions provided all contsants provided U bring calculator … Continue reading


CH49 – Recapping

Dates P4 – Wednesday, May 16th P5 – Thursday, May 17th P7 – Thursday, May 17th Lab Recap – Calculations moles of gas (from Mg) volume of gas (L) pressure … Continue reading


CH45 – Ideal Gas Law

Dates P4 – Wednesday, May 9th P5 – Wednesday, May 9th P7 – Wednesday, May 9th Recap – Gases & Particles P, V, T, n –> PARTICLE VIEW Translating micro … Continue reading


CH44 – Gases

Dates P4 – Monday, May 7th P5 – Monday, May 7th P7 – Tuesday, May 8th Test 03 Hand back test Review test answers Review concepts Answer questions Lab Report … Continue reading


CH43 – Gases

Dates P1 – Tuesday, May 9th P3 – Tuesday, May 9th P5 – Monday, May 8th Class Business Remaining class meetings Other questions? New Idea: Gases Manometer / Barometer [LINK] … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Classes 46 / 47 / 48

Dates Tuesday, December 1st Thursday, December 3rd Friday, December 4th Gas Laws Review practice problems posted in the Schoology content folder exam on Friday (12/4) over gas laws material Last … Continue reading