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CP22 – Quizzzzzzing

Date Monday, March 5th Recap Questions about the concepts? homework questions? What is the most difficult aspect of this process? Quiz (30 minutes) provided: Periodic Table provided: mole map (if … Continue reading


CP21 – S’mores

Date Friday, March 2nd Yummy Food Things what ingredients do I have from the store? what is the recipe for a S’more? how do I write that reaction? what is … Continue reading


CP20 – Limiting!

Date Thursday, March 1st Recap stoichiometry – mole math with reactions two reactants – one might run out Puzzle Game combustion of methane given numbers figure out the pattern Application … Continue reading


CH19 – Molarity

Date Wednesday, February 28th Recap – Homework yield stuff installing software New Idea – Molarity dissociation in water applying moles to this units and notation KEY = volume & molarity … Continue reading


CH16 – Stoichiometry

Dates P4 – Wednesday, February 14th P5 – Wednesday, February 14th P7 – Thursday, February 15th Class Business test update LNB update New Idea – Stoichiometry we can use the … Continue reading