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CP21 – S’mores

S’more is a contraction of the phrase “some more”


  • Friday, March 2nd

Yummy Food Things

  • what ingredients do I have from the store?
  • what is the recipe for a S’more?
  • how do I write that reaction?
  • what is the limiting reactant?
  • predict maximum S’mores

Recap – Limiting Reactants

  • IDF Table
  • how to do I determine limiting reactant?

Practice Day

  • practice problems
  • Ch. 9 PIRED (23, 24, 25c, 26c)
  • show conversion to moles
  • options for limiting reactants
  • fill out the chart completely for each
  • answer the textbook questions


  • finish the textbook work
  • show all of the steps as coached in class
  • NOTE: you are valued!



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