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CP31 – pH Practice

Date Wednesday, March 28th Homework Recap calculating pH questions pH –> [H+} –> pH Extending = Let’s Practice Ch. 15 – #19 (all) Ch. 15 – #29 Ch. 15 – … Continue reading


CP29 – Buret Fun

Date Friday, March 23rd Lab Day Notes waste beaker distilled water refilling the burets what to do if spilling overshooting the end point known concentration HCl = 0.125 M apron … Continue reading


CH 23 – Neutralization

Dates P1 – Monday, March 13th P3 – Tuesday, March 14th P5 – Tuesday, March 14th Class Business Collect LNB (Virtual Labs) Observations? Thoughts? Test Thu/Fri (Updated Syllabus) Homework Revisiting … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors: Class 27

Dates Period A: Friday, March 4th Period B: Monday, March 7th Period F: Monday, March 7th Titration what measurements are made? what does the equipment look like? how do I … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Classes 14 & 15

Dates Period B: Monday, February 2nd / Tuesday, February 3rd Period D: Monday, February 2nd / Wednesday, February 4th Period G: Tuesday, February 3rd / Wednesday, February 4th Day 1 … Continue reading