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CP28 – Config Practice

Date Tuesday, October 31st Electron Configurations – Homework Review questions thoughts? New Idea – Isoelectronic Species what about ions? isoelectronic – why? examples Practice / Homework Ch. 10 P(27, 33, … Continue reading


CP27 – Electron Configurations

Date Friday, October 27th Recap Last Class how many orbitals are in each subshell? (s, p, d, f) how many electrons can fit in an orbital? how many electrons can … Continue reading


CP26 – Configurations

Date Thursday, October 26th Orbitron Worksheet Review answers What questions do you have? What helpful diagrams exist? New Idea – Orbital arrangements how do we represent where electrons are in … Continue reading


CP25 – Orbitals

Date Monday, October 23rd Recap what is a continuous world? what does it mean to be quantized? can you provide example / analogy of each? New Idea – Levels & … Continue reading


CP24 – Lines!

Date Thursday, October 19th Chat Session how is it going? Quinton has empathy – hang in there! New Idea – Quantized Energy what does it mean to have discreet energies? … Continue reading


CP23 – Configurations

Date Thursday, October 27th Review & Recap electron confirgurations orbital diagrams More Practice! Activity vocabulary terms 10.2 – 10.5 connect with ideas break into groups define each term in the … Continue reading


CP22 -Orbitals and Configurations

Date Monday, October 24th Recap Material – Orbitals what do we know about electrons? how do orbitals explain electrons? what are the possible types of orbitals? New Material: Orbital Types … Continue reading


CP21 -Orbitals

Date Thursday, October 20th Recap what model did Bohr advance? what do we know about electrons? how do we know this? (evidence) draw picture of his atom? what is correct? … Continue reading


CH10 – Orbital Magic

Dates P1 – Monday, September 19th P3 – Tuesday, September 20th P5 – Tuesday, September 20th Recap: Electrons QN tell us where an electron can be 60 possible options on … Continue reading


CH08 – Orbitals

Dates: P1 – Tuesday, September 13th P3 – Wednesday, September 14th P5 – Wednesday, September 14th Recap Homework full spectrum visible spectrum key equations – meaning focus – this is … Continue reading


CH05 -Modeling

Dates P1 – Tuesday, September 6th P3 – Wednesday, September 7th P4 – Wednesday, September 7th Class Business turn-in homework brief questions Outside Activity on the Circle Part A – … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 33

Dates Period B: Wednesday, March 17th Period D: Wednesday, March 17th Period G: Thursday, March 18th Orbitals Shapes How do Quantum Numbers relate to orbitals? iPad app = Atom in … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 34

Date Tuesday, November 4th Review Homework assigning quantum numbers translated meaning for orbitals recap of rules for numbers New Material – Electron Configurations using the periodic table as your “friend” … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 33

Date Monday, November 3rd Spectrum Assignment Takeaways? Patterns? Visible vs non-visible lines? Hydrogen spectrum only (BTW – PDF for notes in Dropbox) New Material – Quantum Numbers Quantum mechanics describes … Continue reading


Orbital Viewing Sites – Chemistry

There are many web-based options for trying to visualize atomic orbitals. These are links to a few of them that I recommend to help in learning about them Orbitron Curvature … Continue reading