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CH25 – Reactions Practice

Dates P4 – Tuesday, Octobert 24th P5 – Wednesday, October 25th P7 – Thursday, October 26th Reactions Worksheet questions? suggestions? note – answers edited and updated New Idea – Activity … Continue reading


CH20 – Precipitate Lab

Dates P1 – Tuesday, October 18th P3 – Monday, October 17th P5 – Friday, October 14th Lab Day lab waste container MSDS Sheets (PDF) AgNO3 [LINK] HCl [LINK] CuSO4 [LINK] … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 12

Date Wednesday, September 17th Homework Review mole relationships and mole mapping examples of calculations Precipitation Reactions how do I know? how do I predict? examples net ionic reactions – why? … Continue reading