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CH20 – Precipitate Lab

Yellow PPT


  • P1 – Tuesday, October 18th
  • P3 – Monday, October 17th
  • P5 – Friday, October 14th

Lab Day

  • lab waste container

MSDS Sheets (PDF)

Pre-Lab Instructions

  • waste container
  • location of distilled water
  • procedure for rinsing (never dry)
  • materials on the lab bench

Data Collection

  • watch for contamination
  • record carefully
  • does color change = PPT?

Writing Reactions

  • Full Molecular
  • Full Ionic
  • Net Ionic


  • How did the expected results compare with actual?
  • What matched?
  • What did not?
  • Suggest a reason why they did not match


  • Finish work in LNB
  • NOTE: do not do sections of lab report that are not indicated here


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