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CH25 – Reactions Practice



  • P4 – Tuesday, Octobert 24th
  • P5 – Wednesday, October 25th
  • P7 – Thursday, October 26th

Reactions Worksheet

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New Idea – Activity

  • Single Displacement – only occurs when more active
  • Metal series / Non-metal series
  • Sample question: write balanced chemical equations for the following reactions. If no reaction occurs, simply write NR. (a) Nickel metal is added to a solution of copper(II) nitrate; (b) a solution of zinc nitrate is added to a solution of magnesium sulfate; (c) hydrochloric acid is added to gold metal; (d) chromium metal is immersed in an aqueous solution of cobalt(II) chloride; (e) hydrogen gas is bubbled through a solution of silver nitrate.


New Idea – Selective Precipitation (solubility Logic)

  • Use the solubility rules to determine the answer
  • Sample Question 1 – Separate samples of a solution of an unknown ionic compound are treated with dilute AgNO3, Pb(NO3)2, and BaCl2. Precipitates form in all three cases. Which of the following could be the anion of the unknown salt? bromide, carbonate, nitrate
  • Sample Question 2 – An aqueous solution contains the folowing metal ions: silver, barium, sodium. Describe the steps needed to separate the ions from each other. What else could possibly be in the solution to start?
  • Practice Problems: Textbook Ch. 4 (53, 54)

Test 2 – Next Class Meeting

  • Q1 – Balancing
  • Q2 – Reaction Types
  • Q3 – Reaction Prediction
  • Q4 – FM / FI / NI reactions
  • Q5 – Redox Identification
  • Q6 – Solubility Logic Puzzle


  • Study for the test
  • Have you seen the course syllabus?
  • Have you seen the posted test from last year?


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