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CH24 – Reaction Practice

Dates P4 – Thursday, October 19th P5 – Thursday, October 19th P7 – Monday, October 23rd In-Class Work Reactions worksheet Take time to show work Additional Challenge Ch. 4 (44, … Continue reading


CH19 – RXN Types

Dates P4 – Friday, October 6th P5 – Tuesday, October 10th P7 – Tuesday, October 10th Recap Questions what is a crystal lattice? how does an ionic substance dissolve? why … Continue reading


CP14 – RXN Types

Date Monday, September 25th (long block) Class Business test moved from Thursday to Monday more info soon Units 1-2-3 (see the Syllabus) on test specifics Added vocabulary to the Syllabus … Continue reading


CP13 – RXN Lab

Date Friday, September, 22nd Lab Day! Lab set up Lab Safety Use of LNB Distilled Water bottles push in chairs toothpicks scoopula waste beaker lab station numbering working in pairs … Continue reading


CP12 – Reaction Types

Date Thursday, September 21st New Idea – Reaction Types Handout in GDrive Focus on four types Combination (synthesis) Decomposition Single Displacement Double Diplacement Examples Lab Next Class Explores Reaction Types … Continue reading


CH23 – RXN

Dates P1 – Tuesday, October 25th P3 – Wednesday, October 26th P5 – Friday, October 28th New Material – Reaction Types Handout & Slide Show [LINK] General Categories [LINK] [LINK] … Continue reading


CH21 – Lab Debriefing

Dates P1 – Thursday, October 20th P3 – Thursday, October 20th P5 – Tuesday, October 18th Lab Recap – Lab Work v Theoretical Full Molecular Full Ionic Net Ionic Discussion … Continue reading


CP14 – Exam 01

Date Thursday, September 29th Exam 01 Unit Objectives No M/C, No Essay Fill-in Blank / Short Answer Value = 80 pts Questions Asked Isotope chart Writing Chemical Formulas Writing Chemical … Continue reading


CP11 – Types of Reactions

Date Wednesday, September 21st Recap – Balancing Reactions review homework examples with words! [LINK] Practice with Words (write the full balanced equation) Magnesium metal is placed into hydrobromic acid solution, … Continue reading