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EDU4113 – Class 3

3Collecting Information

  • SurveyMonkey (take my survey)
  • Will use for your final project (you create project rubric)

Grade Book (Excel & Google Docs)

  • Excel Basics
  • Formulas
  • Part of Checklist
  • Upload to Google Docs
Linking in your blog
  • Copy the URL from the web page to which you wish to link
  • Create a new blog entry
  • Highlight the word that will serve as the linking work and click on the “Link” button
  • Note: this button may look as a word (Link) or a chain
  • Paste the URL into the dialog that appears and save
  • You now have a link in your blog entry

Next Week – Class 4 – Off Site Meeting

  • Meet at St. Raymond’s School (map link)
  • Bring SmartBoard ideas
  • Bring your laptop to work


  • work on checklist items
  • work on final project

The 4th class session will meet at St. Raymond’s School in Menlo Park at 6:30 pm, our normal meeting time. [MAP]. Please park in the main parking lot, not the small lot adjacent to the school along Arbor Road. Please feel free to arrive a little early if you wish more time with the smart board. Please bring your own laptop with you to be able to work during class.


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