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EDU4113 – Final Project


The objective of the final project is to create a project that shows how you could utilize technology in your classroom. You don’t actually need to design detailed lesson plans but rather explain what the lesson would look like. The project is to be posted to your blog according to the guidelines below.

How Many Postings?

The Final project must be posted to your blog in parts. At the bottom of each posting part of your project, you should place a link that takes the reader back to the project menu as well as to the next part of the project. An example of student posting and the navigation menu can be seen in previous project submissions (KathrynAmy). Note  – use these as examples of how this menu item should look and not (necessarily) the quality of the content

Posting Details

  • Project Menu
    • Provide links to each part of the project
    • Provide a description of the project, introducing the basics of the project
    • Welcome the reader to your project/
  • Content Standards & Objectives
    • What are the standards used to guide this project?
    • Provide context and overview for how the project incorporates the standards used to guide this project. There are two types of standards: content, technology.
    • List the specific content standards (California Curriculum Standards) that apply for your project.
    • List the technology standards that apply to your project (ISTE Standards for Technology)
    • List the measurable content objectives for this lesson
    • Remember that the goal of the project is not to teach a technology skill, rather the technology utilized should be added to support the content
  • Lesson Structure
    • What will the lesson look like when implemented? What are the logistics of the lesson?
    • Indicate whether the students will be working in groups and the set-up.
    • Indicate the resources students will be using [rooms, equipment etc.]
    • Indicate the materials and instructions given to students
    • Indicate the time over which this project will be conducted
  • Assessment of Student Performance
    • How will students be assessed?
    • Include the appropriate rubric for assessing student performance
    • As part of the lesson include an assessment of applied technology skills as well as content skills.
  • Technology Utilized
    • How will the students use technology?
    • Indicate how technology will be used in the project by the students.
    • How students will use technology to cmmunicate the results of the project?
    • How will the technology enhance the project?
  • Project Survey (This post was created as part of the checklist)


You must create a project survey for your work so that others may provide feedback to you for your project. This is one of the checklist items for the course. The questions you will use in your survey to solicit input from your classmates are the same that I will use to evaluate your project. Therefore, you should use these exact questions when creating your survey to familiarize yourself with the instrument I will use, hopefully guiding your work as you create your project. NOTE: In my grading, this project will be evaluated against the following four standards. Each standard will be evaluated on a scale of 1 – 5 and the project will be worth 100 points.

Final Project Evaluation Questions

  1. The content of the unit appropriately addresses curriculum and technology standards and contains measurable objectives.
  2. The lesson structure is clear and logical, facilitating student learning, and addressing various levels of student understanding. The assessment rubric used is clear and appropriate for the unit of study.
  3. The technology is properly integrated and coached throughout the project and helps students to be creative, inspiring learning.
  4. The details of the project are clearly communicated and care is taken to ensure the project is edited and ready for student and teacher use. Materials are properly posted to the blog.


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