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CP24 – Solutions

Date Monday, March 12th Homework Review Ch. 14 (13, 15, 17, 19 parts ab only) Questions? Comments? Class Business Test- Class 26 (Wednesday) No School Friday Comments written this weekend … Continue reading


CH16 – Stoichiometry

Dates P4 – Wednesday, February 14th P5 – Wednesday, February 14th P7 – Thursday, February 15th Class Business test update LNB update New Idea – Stoichiometry we can use the … Continue reading


CH25 – Reactions Practice

Dates P4 – Tuesday, Octobert 24th P5 – Wednesday, October 25th P7 – Thursday, October 26th Reactions Worksheet questions? suggestions? note – answers edited and updated New Idea – Activity … Continue reading


CH24 – Reaction Practice

Dates P4 – Thursday, October 19th P5 – Thursday, October 19th P7 – Monday, October 23rd In-Class Work Reactions worksheet Take time to show work Additional Challenge Ch. 4 (44, … Continue reading


CH23 – Reaction Work

Dates P4 – Wednesday, October 18th P5 – Wednesday, October 18th P7 – Wednesday, October 18th Quiz Double Displacement Reactions two scenarios provided: PT, solubility rules Class Business Comments / … Continue reading


CH22 – More PPT Rxns

Dates P4 – Monday, October 16th P5 – Tuesday, October 17th P7 – Tuesday, October 17th Class Business Safety Contract (Schoology) Safety Quiz (Schoology) Next Class Quiz DD & AB … Continue reading


CH20 – Prelab

Dates P4 – Thursday, October 12th P5 – Thursday, October 12th P7 – Thursday, October 12th Recap Double Displacement reactions Full Molecular Reactions Full Ionic reactions Net Ionic Reactions New … Continue reading


CH19 – RXN Types

Dates P4 – Friday, October 6th P5 – Tuesday, October 10th P7 – Tuesday, October 10th Recap Questions what is a crystal lattice? how does an ionic substance dissolve? why … Continue reading



Dates P4 – Thursday, October 5th P5 – Thursday, October 5th P7 – Friday, October 6th Quiz – Nomenclature 10 x Formulas – Names 10 x Names – Formulas Review … Continue reading


CH17 – Reactions

Dates P4 – Wednesday, October 4th P5 – Wednesday, October 4th P7 – Wednesday, October 4th Class Business Quiz Class 18 provided with PT 5 N-F, 5 F-N Demo sodium … Continue reading


CP16 – Party Time

Date Monday, October 2nd Test Day provided with periodic table use pencil (so you can erase) if you make a mistake during test just single line Test Questions Q1 – … Continue reading


CP11- Reaction Balancing

Date Tuesday, September 19th Quiz naming quiz quick and easy! Recap – Balancing Strategies for balancing reactions? examples Balancing Practice Ch 8 P(3, 4) Write down equation (we will discuss … Continue reading


CP10 – Reactions

Date Monday, September 18th Recap Formulas to Names Names to Formulas Quiz on Tuesday covering all of this Lots of practice in Textbook Ch. 6 P(5 – 24) 10 Questions … Continue reading


CH25 – Celebrate Learning

Celebration Dates P1 – Monday, October 31st (Boo!) P3 – Tuesday, November 1st P5 – Tuesday, Movember 1st Celebration Questions Q1 – Balancing Reactions Q2 – Label Reaction Type Q3 – … Continue reading


CH20 – Precipitate Lab

Dates P1 – Tuesday, October 18th P3 – Monday, October 17th P5 – Friday, October 14th Lab Day lab waste container MSDS Sheets (PDF) AgNO3 [LINK] HCl [LINK] CuSO4 [LINK] … Continue reading


CH19 – Reactionary

Dates P1 – Thursday, October 13th P3 – Thursday, October 13th P5 – Wednesday, October 13th Homework Recap share HW results comments on the process? New Material – Predicting Reactions … Continue reading


CH18 – Reactions

Dates P1 – Wednesday, October 12th P3 – Tuesday, October 11th P4 – Tuesday, October 11th New Material – Chemical Reactions symbols terminology examples Balancing Reactions why? coefficients v subscripts … Continue reading


CP14 – Exam 01

Date Thursday, September 29th Exam 01 Unit Objectives No M/C, No Essay Fill-in Blank / Short Answer Value = 80 pts Questions Asked Isotope chart Writing Chemical Formulas Writing Chemical … Continue reading