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Chemistry Honors – Class 11 & Class 12



  • Period A: Tuesday (9/15), Wednesday (9/16)
  • Period B: Tuesday (9/15), Wednesday (9/16)
  • Period F: Wednesday (9/16), Thursday (9/17)
  • Note: first of the two days will be in-class independent (student-driven) review work

Class 11 = Ion Quiz 2

  • I give you names of ions and you write ion formula (with charge)
  • I give you formulas of ions and you give me names
  • I give you names of elements and you give me oxidation states

Class 12 = Exam 01 (Unit 01)

  • test objectives posted in Schoology
  • please review EVERYTHING on the review sheet
  • you are encouraged to practice using questions from the chapters
  • be ready to connect the LAB content with the TEXTBOOK content

Exam 01 Structure

  • work-em-out questions (no multiple choice)
  • short answer (no paragraphs or sentences)
  • I provide a periodic table (no other materials)


  • Study for Exam
  • Homework collected at the beginning of the exam


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