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AP Chemistry: Spirit Week 2016


Class of 2016 = Big Deal


  • Monday, February 8th
  • Tuesday, February 9th
  • Thursday, February 11th
  • Friday, February 12th

Activity: Kinetics Lab

Pre-Lab Notes

  • solution concentrations need to match that needed by the procedure.
  • will coordinate lab as a class so you will need to divide the work properly
  • many parts of the lab so be sure and identify the point of each one
  • Solutions: you will need to make some solutions, modifying what is on-hand as indicated below
Compound Required
Concentration (M)
Concentration (M)
KI 0.010 0.010
Na2S2O3 0.0010 0.100
HCl 0.1 2
Cu(NO3)2 0.1 0.2
KBrO3 0.040 solid
Starch 2% 2%


  • All information needs to be in the LNB before the end of the week (each student in their own writing)


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