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CP15161718 – Video Project



  • Friday, September 30th
  • Thursday, October 6th

Class Business (9/30)

  • Return Exam
  • General Comments
  • (nice job!)

New Unit – Video Project (9/30)

  • Group Project
  • Three Groups (4-4-3)
  • Project Instructions (Schoology)
  • Project Rubric (Schoology)

Atomic Model Research

  • As you work on your research, some of the sources below may be useful to you.
  • Please be sure to reference these sites or the text appropriately in your bibliography at the end of your script if you use any of them as a resource.
  • DO NOT limit yourself to ONLY these references as you do your research.


Class Business (10/6 & 10/10 & 10/11)

  • work on script & research
  • citations and works cited page
  • final project upload to YouTube
  • OK to use camera phone (same resolution as Flip)
  • Good luck!


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