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CP01 – Happy New Year!



  • Wednesday, January 11th

Class Business

  • Semester 2 = 50 class meetings (10 long)
  • Focus is quantitative = bring calculator to class every day
  • <phone / laptop not acceptable>
  • Bring LNB to class every day (unless told not to do so)

Fall Final Exam

  • return final exams for class use
  • quick review of answers
  • make appointment with me for more in-depth
  • <yes – send me an email>
  • big takeaways from the exam?

Statistics from Exam



New Concept – Measurement Activity

  • determine the length and width of note card (ruler)
  • determine the width of the table top (meter stick side 1)
  • determine the width of the table top (meter stick side 2)
  • organize your data in the LNB in an appropriate table
  • share and compare your results
  • what are differences? similarities? why?
  • what should a data table include?


  • textbook notes (pen / pencil on paper)
  • Chapter 2 (2.1, 2.2, 2.3)
  • what is important in each of these sections?
  • what examples best illustrate the core ideas?


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