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CH17 – Limiting



  • P1 – Monday, February 2th
  • P3 – Monday, February 27th
  • P5 – Tuesday, February 28th

Class Business

  • how is everyone?
  • happy to be back! šŸ˜œ

Limiting Reactant Review

  • write the balanced reaction for the buring of propane (C3H8)
  • 4.00 moles of each reactant used
  • determineĀ moles of water produced (theoretical yield)
  • determine identity (and moles) of excess reactant
  • summarize usingĀ a reaction chart

Limiting Reactant – Extend

  • most informationĀ is provided as masses
  • how do we extend to start from there?
  • model the process to proceed = example


  • same reaction as before
  • start with 256 grams of each reactant
  • determine mass water produced
  • determine identity (and mass) of excess reactant
  • summarize using reaction chart


  • Ch. 3 (122, 124)
  • process, process, process

Other Notes

  • Lab Report due Wednesday
  • Tutorial video posted for limiting reactant



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