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CP17 – Booyah!

Date Thursday, February 15th Test Overview 55 minutes 6 questions (work-em-out style) No multiple choice or short answer students provide appropriate calculator work in pencil only (so you can erase … Continue reading


CP16 – Formulas and Masses

Date Monday, February 12th Class Business Questions? Collect LNB Recap Last Class – Percent Composition given formulas asked for a mass breakdown assume 1 mole of the substance process new … Continue reading


CH13 – Practice

Dates P4 – Wednesday, February 7th P5 – Wednesday, Febraury 7th P7 – Thursday, February 8th Homework Review Ch. 3 (79, 83, 84) Questions? Extending Idea – Molecular Formula How do … Continue reading


CP13 – Lab Prep

Date Tuesday, February 6th Homework Review Ch. 7 PAIRED (17, 18, 19) share work on the board New Idea – Hydrates Some compounds have water attached example: CuSO4 * 5H2O … Continue reading


CH12 – Back and Forth

Date P4 – Tuesday, February 6th P5 – Tuesday, February 6th P7 – Tuesday, February 6th New Idea – Percent Composition (formula to mass) Assume 1 mole sample Moles –> … Continue reading


CP12 – mole mole mole

Date Monday, February 5th Homework Review Ch. 7 PAIRED (8, 12) How did we show our work? Where did we stumble? Moving Ahead The mole map – the other side! … Continue reading


CP11 – Mole Mapping

Date Friday, February 2nd Homework Review questions? how do I round from the PT? <use the Quinton PT> Connecting Last Class ex: determine the moles of magnesium in 78.2 grams … Continue reading



Date P4-P5-P7: Friday, January 26th THE MOLE! Google Slides Presentation [Shared] Example Problems moles – mass mass – moles moles – particles particles – moles mass – particles particles – … Continue reading


CH2425 – Testing

Dates Wednesday, March 15th Thursday, March 16th Friday, March 17th Class 24 – Homework Check Ch. 3 – 122, 124, 145, 126, 146, 147 Ch. 4 – 23, 27, 55, 71, … Continue reading


CH17 – Limiting

Dates P1 – Monday, February 2th P3 – Monday, February 27th P5 – Tuesday, February 28th Class Business how is everyone? happy to be back! 😜 Limiting Reactant Review write … Continue reading


CP17 – Stoichiometry

Date Monday, February 27th Class Business Return tests from before break Answer key in shared folder Ideas to watch: sig figs / process Well done! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Revisiting Old Material using … Continue reading


CH16 – Cookie Recipe

Dates P1 – Thursday, February 16th P3 – Friday, February 17th P5 – Friday, February 17th Class Business LNB comments Hand back Tests Answer Key Posted Lots of Sig Fig … Continue reading


CP15 – Hydration

Date Tuesday, Febraury 14th Long Block – Part 1: Hydrate Lab is your LNB prepared? bunsen burner instruction what is data? what are calculations? location of materials disposal of materials … Continue reading


CP14 – Hydrate Mania!

Date Friday, February 10th Recap percent composition examples what is a hydrate? Lab Prep Lab equipment overview Lab Instructons [LINK] Homework Prep the lab in the LNB Review instructions for … Continue reading


CH14 – Test Prep

Dates P1 – Friday, Febraury 10th P3 – Monday, February 13th P5 – Monday, February 13th Class Business hydrate lab work (in LNB) due Class 16 CQ will check completion … Continue reading


CH13 – Lab Recap

Dates P1 – Thursday, Febraury 9th P3 – Thursday, February 9th P5 – Friday, February 10th Class Business 1 Test next week long block Note: first half only! updates on … Continue reading


CP12 – Counted vs Mass

Date Wednesday, February 8th LNB Hand Back explaining before sections writing “0” before decimal calculation format grading rubrics Class Business Lab – Tuesday 14th (Long Block) Test – Thursday 16th … Continue reading


CP11 -More Moles

Date Monday, February 6th Recap mole map what does it show? New Types of Problems examples process Percent Composition How do I go from formula to mass? example Worksheet [LINK] … Continue reading