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CH21 – Virtual Lab



  • P1 – Tuesday, March 7th
  • P3 – Wednesday, March 8th
  • P5 – Thursday, March 9th

[note: Quiz at the start of Class 22 on Stoichiometry]

Starting Notes

  • The Virtual Lab can be downloaded [LINK]
  • It will also work with browsers enabled with Java.
  • Google Chrome is not a Java-enabled browser.
  • Firefox is probs the best browser [Firefox Help]
  • Stoichiometry tutorial [LINK]

Using the Virtual Lab

  • Video walk-through of how to Virtual Lab [LINK]
  • Web page Virtual Lab user guide [LINK]
  • Step by Step Demonstration [LINK]
  • Video of what this might look like [LINK]

Activities to Complete (File / Load Homework)

  1. Oracle Problem (Stoichiometry and Limiting Reagents)
  2. Oracle Problem 2 (Stoichiometry and Limiting Reagents)
  3. Unknown Concentration Problem (Quantitative Analysis)
  4. Gravimetric Determination of Arsenic (Quantitative Analysis)

Submission Guidelines

  • All work to be done in the LNB
  • Treat each assignment as if an actual lab is being conducted
  • Include: Purpose /  Data / Calculations / Conclusion
  • Don’t Include: Background Theory / Procedure / Analysis
  • Probably not much more than one page per lab written


  • Due dates: March 13-14 for all work (in LNB)
  • No typed labs

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