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CP16 – Party Time



  • Monday, October 2nd

Test Day

  • provided with periodic table
  • use pencil (so you can erase)
  • if you make a mistake during test just single line
Test Questions

  • Q1 – Atomic Particles / Periodic Table
  • Q2 – Classification of Matter
  • Q3 – Names to Formulas
  • Q4 – Formulas to Names
  • Q5 – Balancing Reactions
  • Q6 – Predicting Reactions
  • Q7 – Isotope Abundance

Homework (LNB)

  • write balanced reactions for each combination observed during lab
  • classsify each reaction according to type
  • identify which combinations did NOT seem to produce anything
  • organize everything in a table
  • NOTE: Anna, Ally (no signed form uploaded)


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