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CP06 – Foil Lab



  • Monday, January 22nd

Aluminum Foil Lab – Procedure

Part 1 – Density

  • make sure the aluminum “shot” is dry
  • make sure you take care to read graduated cylinder
  • graph of mass (y) vs volume (x) will give density (slope)
  • OK to use spreasdsheet to graph and generate line
  • more than three (3) trials required (more is better)

Part 2 – Thickness

  • how will you use density for part 2?
  • what measurements do you need to determine thickness?
  • no water / glassware required

Aluminum Foil Lab – Processing

  • format of calculations section
  • sig figs – how to apply
  • units – how to show


  • Lab Calculations (LNB)
  • density of each trial
  • average density
  • area of aluminum foil
  • thicknes sof foil (only if you are clear on how to do so)


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