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CH28 – Lab Day



  • P4 – Wednesday, March 21st
  • P5 – Thursday, March 22nd
  • P7 – Friday, March 23rd

Long Block I – Titration Lab Notes

  • waste beaker
  • distilled water
  • refilling the burets
  • what to do if spilling
  • overshooting the end point
  • known concentration HCl = 0.125 M

Long Block II – Lab Processing

  • Lab Calculations in LNB
  • Share Data on Spreadsheet [LINK]
  • Finish Data / Calcs / Conclusion in LNB
  • NOTE: calculate the molarity for each trial separately, and then calculate the average molarity for the base
  • NOTE: the Calcs in LNB are just calcs, and are not according the prescribed formatting. They are there as your “scratch work” so that you can write a report summary


  • TYPE partial lab report
  • Purpose, Data, Calculations, Conclusion ONLY
  • This is a report, and should follow reporting guidelines


  • I have posted a “sample lab” to show you what the formatting looks like
  • Please, please, please make your formatting look EXACTLY like this (with your information. FYI – this shows what has ALWAYS been the expectation for writing lab reports in the LNB.


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