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CH34 – Almost…

Spring Blooms


  • P4 – Wednesday, April 4th
  • P5 – Thursday, April 5th
  • P7 – Friday, April 6th

Lab Reports

  • submit mini-reports
  • comments?
  • liked? didn’t like?

Long Block Part 1: Virtual Lab

  • Oracle Problem (1)
  • Oracle Problem (2)
  • HINT: IDF Chart

Long Block Part 2: Virtual Lab

  • Unknown Concentration Problem
  • Gravimteric Determination of Arsenic
  • HINT: How do I ensure one reactant in excess?

Learning Takeways

  • IDF chart organizes moles for any reaction
  • Reaction arrow is not “before and after”
  • Must conduct lab to  guarantee one reactant is in excess
  • Must link product to limiting reactant I care about
  • Recording with detail helps even when not rquired
  • These concepts pertain to the whole course


  • It’s Spring Break! I hope that you enjoy your time off!


  • We will start new unit after break (energy) that builds upon what we have learneds so far. In other words, we will use these skills and add a new piece to the puzzle.
  • Thnak you for all of your hard work so far this year! It is truly an honor to support such dedicated students.


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