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CH33 – Vacation


OMG this is where I want to vacation some day…


  • P1 – Friday, April 7th
  • P3 – Friday, April 7th
  • P5 – Thursday, April 6th

Recap – Titration Curve

  • what does the shape indicate?
  • how do I know where the equivalence point is?
  • how does volume impact pH as the titration continues?
  • what factors impact the shape of the graph?
  • can I add acid to base? shape?
  • 15.4 <it’s a thing>

New Fun!

  • Another way to treat data from a pH titration is to graph the absolute value of the change in pH per change in volume added versus volume added
  • y = |(Delta)pH/(Delta)vol|
  • x = vol base added.
  • Make this graph using your results from the previous class. Plot the graph on paper, one per group.
  • What advantage might this method have over the traditional method
    for treating titration data?


  • No Homework
  • NOTE: we didn’t actually do this activity during class (we watched videos)


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