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AP Chemistry – Class 11

Dates Period E, Tuesday, September 18 Period F, Wednesday, September 19 Class Work In-class review of homework EXAM: Friday (Chapters 1-3) Homework Lab Work in LNB (Calcs, Analysis, Conclusion) Study … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 10

Dates Periods E-F, Monday, September 17 Stoichiometry Ch. 3 (60, 65, 71, 75) – Questions? Balancing Reactions Reaction Stoichiometry Limiting & Excess Yield Homework Ch. 3 (82, 83, 86, 89) … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 09

Lab 02 – Analysis of an Alloy Dates Periods E-F, Friday, September 14 Overall Notes The pre-lab is to be done in the LNB showing all work in the same … Continue reading


Two Chemistry Demonstrations – Boom

Here are two (standard, but still awesome) chemistry demonstrations filmed at SHP this past weekend. The first one shows a student adding Mentos to Diet Coke and watching the result. … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Lab 01 Slideshow


AP Chemistry Class 05

Lab 01 – Formula of a Hydrate Date: Thursday, September 6th Lab Instructions (as well as all course documents) can be found in the documents folder online Lab Skills to … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Lab 08 – Atomic Spectra

Purpose The goal of this lab is to examine the spectra of different elements and determine the identity of an unknown substance Procedure Notes using the spectrometer, record the spectrum … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Lab 07 – Hess’s Law

Purpose The goal of this lab is to verify Hess’s Law: if the sum of two chemical reactions is a third reaction then the sum of the two reaction enthalpies … Continue reading


Lab Notebooks

Please refer to updated guidelines: LINK You will be required to use a lab notebook throughout your course of study this year. This will serve as your lab and activity … Continue reading


The Lab Process

Ugh – how I truly hate grading lab reports. To point, if there was one aspect of the course that I would put off until absolutely necessary it would be … Continue reading

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AP Chemistry – Lab 06 – Gas Laws

Friday, October 21 – Lab Notes The lab explores two gas laws: Boyle’s Law and Gay-Lussac’s Law. The data collection devices will be used to collect pressure and temperature information which will … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Lab 05 – Molar Volume of a Gas

Friday, October 7 – Lab Notes The lab is an example of calcualting the volume of a gas produced by a reaction [Instructions]. The reaction is quite simple as magnesium … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Lab 04 – Ratio of Reactants

Friday, September 30 – Lab Notes The lab is an example of the stoichiometry of a reaction in solution [Instructions]. Two solutions will be mixed in varying ratios with and … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Lab 03 – Analysis of Silver Alloy

Monday, September 19 – Lab Notes The lab is an example of quantitative analysis, where we use a precipitation reaction to determine the composition of a solid. [Instructions] Besides reading the instructions … Continue reading


Live Blogging – Hydrate Chem Lab

Observations on a lab day period in AP Chemistry (transcribed here after the lab period was complete) 11:55 am – second bell rings – all students on time 11:58 am … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Lab 02: Formula of a Hydrate

Background Many salts that have been crystallized from a water solution appear to be perfectly dry, yet when heated they yield large quantities of water. The crystals change form, even … Continue reading

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AP Chemistry – Lab 01 – PPT Reactions

Today (September 1st) is the day for our first lab and I am eager to get started on the road to experimentation in this course. Here are some notes for … Continue reading