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AP Chemistry – Lab 01 – PPT Reactions

Today (September 1st) is the day for our first lab and I am eager to get started on the road to experimentation in this course. Here are some notes for the lab

Lab Safety

  • proper lab protection (shows, aprons, glasses)
  • knowledge of the hazards for each item used
  • disposal of waste and cleanup procedures
Knowledge of Lab Procedure
  • reading and notes beforehand
  • lab quiz is always possible
  • where are you recording your lab information and data?
  • What is distilled water? Why is this important for the lab?
This Lab’s Concepts
  • writing formulas from names
  • writing names from formulas
  • predicting double displacement reactions
  • predicting which substance will precipitate
Questions to Answer on Tumblr Blog
  • What are the names and  formulas for each of the solutions used in this experiment?
  • When a precipitate forms by the addition of two salt solutions, how can you predict the identity of the solid product?
  • For each square that forms a precipitate, determine the formula and name of the precipitate that is formed.
  • Are there any ions that never form precipitates in this experiment? Why?
  • Note: be sure and post the data from your lab as well


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