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CP34 – Long Blocking

Date Tuesday, April 3rd Lab Reports Collected Thoughts? Results? Difficult aspects? Easy parts? Formatting? Long Block Part 1: Acid-Base Calcs Final Idea: Kw Kw = [OH–] [H+] = 1 x … Continue reading


Titration Competition

Thanks to everyone who submitted an image for the competition. After the voting was concluded the winner is PICTURE #3! CONGRATULATIONS to EM and BV from P5!


CP33 – More VL

Date Monday, April 2nd Recap Virtual Lab titration standardization process how far did you get? Virtual Lab – Part 1 Homework –> Acids and Bases –> Standardization of NaOH Perform … Continue reading


Virtual Lab Support

Welcome to the Virtual Lab! The virtual lab is software designed to replicate the chemistry and decision-making in a real chemistry lab. The software allows for unlimited trials and experimentation … Continue reading


CP32 – Opening Day

Date Thursday, March 29th Opening Day Life begins on Opening Day [LINK] [LINK] Homework Review different scenarios for mixing if there is a reaction – changes how to approach Virtual … Continue reading


CP31 – pH Practice

Date Wednesday, March 28th Homework Recap calculating pH questions pH –> [H+} –> pH Extending = Let’s Practice Ch. 15 – #19 (all) Ch. 15 – #29 Ch. 15 – … Continue reading


CP30 – pH

Date Monday, March 26th Recap – Titration Lab reaction calculations formatting New Idea – pH easy way to indicate how much acid in solution strong acids calculation examples Homework Ch. … Continue reading


CP29 – Buret Fun

Date Friday, March 23rd Lab Day Notes waste beaker distilled water refilling the burets what to do if spilling overshooting the end point known concentration HCl = 0.125 M apron … Continue reading


Seating Charts

March 22, 2018 For the remainder of the semester, I will implement a seating chart in each of the four chemistry sections I teach. This is something I have been … Continue reading


CP28 – Titrations

Date Tuesday, March 20th Recap acid-base = behavior identify the acid and base in a reaction HF + H2O –> F- + H3O+ Long Block I – Titration Reactions define … Continue reading


CP27 – Acids & Bases

Date Monday, March 19th Class Business Hand back tests Comment cards written questions? New Idea – Acids! Bases! definitions examples Neutralization / Titration reactions between acids and bases builds upon … Continue reading


CP26 – Meditation

Date Wednesday, March 14th Test Day breathe… it will be OK! Homework Not a chance!


CP25 – Regroup

Date Wednesday, March 14th Test Prep answer homework questions how do I approach problem-solving? Test Details Topic = Unit 9 work-em-out questions provided: periodic table, polyatomic ions Value = 50 … Continue reading


CP24 – Solutions

Date Monday, March 12th Homework Review Ch. 14 (13, 15, 17, 19 parts ab only) Questions? Comments? Class Business Test- Class 26 (Wednesday) No School Friday Comments written this weekend … Continue reading


CP23 – Molarity

Date Thursday, March 8th Class Business Quiz handing back Questions? Recap – Dissociation dissociation equations practice Marching Ahead – Molarity Molarity Defined Calculations UNITS!! Practice, Practice, Practice Homework Textbook Ch. … Continue reading


CP22 – Quizzzzzzing

Date Monday, March 5th Recap Questions about the concepts? homework questions? What is the most difficult aspect of this process? Quiz (30 minutes) provided: Periodic Table provided: mole map (if … Continue reading


CP21 – S’mores

Date Friday, March 2nd Yummy Food Things what ingredients do I have from the store? what is the recipe for a S’more? how do I write that reaction? what is … Continue reading


CP20 – Limiting!

Date Thursday, March 1st Recap stoichiometry – mole math with reactions two reactants – one might run out Puzzle Game combustion of methane given numbers figure out the pattern Application … Continue reading