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AP Chemistry – Class 19

Date – Thursday, October 1st Homework Review questions? central themes? further extensions? New Material – Hess’s Law Lab how do we measure the energy of a reaction? how do we account … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 18

  Date – Tuesday, September 29th New Material – Thermochemistry Enthalpy Change Examples of DH Mole Relationships and DH Measuring DH = Q (@ constant Pressure) Calorimetry Constant Volume v … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 17

Date – Monday, September 28th New Material – Thermochemistry First Law Calculate Work Examples of First Law Calculating Work Engine Cycle Calculations Homework No HW


AP Chemistry – Class 16

Date – Thursday, September 24th Working Day A chance to chill and finish work Lots of Kairos students missing Homework Finish Lab Work Finish Notes


AP Chemistry – Class 15

  Date – Wednesday, September 23rd New Material – Thermochemistry (PPT) basics on energy how are types of energy related? what are the maths? enthalpy = huh? Homework Ch. 5 Notes … Continue reading


Final Exam – Part 1: Work-Em-Out

In preparation for the final exam in Chemistry Honors I am providing the following guidance on the first question on the exam. The exam will start by providing a chemical … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Classes 06 & 07

Date Period C: Friday, September 5th Lab Day – Let’s Get This Party Started! Dilutions  = mL Stock / mL Water (10/0, 9/1, 8/2, 7/3, 6/4, 5/5, 4/6, 3/7, 2/8, 1/9) … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 05

Date Period C: Thursday, September 4th Lab Questions What is the beginning question? How will I conduct the investigation? How will I stay safe? What observations and measurements did I make? … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 47

Period E – Thursday, December 5th Gas Laws Exam Three Questions Each drawn from prior AP exams (posted in shared folder) Non-graphing calculator only Only AP Periodic Table and Equations … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 45 & 46

Period E – Monday, December 2nd Big Questions – Gas Laws Terms and Ideas (for Test on Thursday) Pressure, temperature, volume – micro vs macro ideas Avogadro’s hypothesis – SUPER … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 43 & Class 44

Period E – Friday, November 22nd and Tuesday, November 26th Gas Laws Lab Investigation Purpose The goal of the lab is to determine the relationships between the three primary properties … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 42

Period E – Thursday, November 21st Quiz – Bonding For the provided molecule(s) complete the following Lewis structure formal charge polarity (bonds / overall) geometry (electrons / shape) hybridization bond … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 41

Period E – Tuesday, November 19th Review Bonding Review assigned molecules on the board Lewis structure formal charge polarity (bonds / overall) geometry (electrons / shape) hybridization bond angles Example … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 40

Period E – Monday, November 18th New Material Molecule Polarity determine bond polarity add bond polarities to determine overall polarity examples Hybrid Orbitals atomic orbitals don’t explain geometry you need … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 39

Period E – Friday, November 15th New Material – VSEPR VSEPR Structures Lewis diagrams Total Pairs, Bonding Pairs, Lone Pairs Geometry of all pairs Geometry of bonding pairs Formal Charges … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 38

Period E – Wednesday, November 13th New Material – Bonding Lewis Structures what they do what they don’t do guidelines Examples of Lewis Structures Homework Chapter 8 & Chapter 9 … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 37

Period E – Tuesday, November 12th New Material – Bonding Three types ionic metallic covalent What does each type look like? similarities differences representations Energy Considerations bond energy lattice energy … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 36

Period E – Friday, November 8th Exam Chapters 6 & 7 Exam Turn in chapter problems Homework No homework! 🙂 This [LINK] is interesting