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CH03 – Inquiry



  • P4 – Wednesday, August 30th
  • P5 – Thursday, August 31st
  • P7 – Friday, September 1st

Recap of Previous Class

  • Matter / Energy / Neither
  • Compound vs Solution
  • Moving from one box to another [DEMO]

Activity [Part A]

  • “What do you know?” Exercise
  • the atom / molecules / reactions / bonding
  • write any terms (include definitions)
  • write any questions you have about these ideas
  • draw on paper (be creative!)

Activity: Black Box [Part B]

  • The purpose of this activity is to determine the nature of objects inside a closed box, without opening the box. The intent is not to guess what is inside the box but to describe what it must be like inside the box in order to account for the behavior inside the box.
  • Process: by moving the box in many different ways, observe the sounds, and feel of the objects inside the box. Make appropriate observations and conclusions based on these activities
  • Organize your information in tables – record an observation each time a different manipulation is made.
  • Here is a suggestion for organizing your observations [LINK]
  • Test any theories that might arise by devising new things which can be done to the box to discover its contents.
  • Repeat this as often as is necessary to make a detailed theory.
  • Draw final theory in your LNB


  • why are we doing this activity?
  • what process is being modeled?


  • Notes (2.1 – 2.5)
  • PDF to Schoology



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