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CH03 – Inquiry

Dates P4 – Wednesday, August 30th P5 – Thursday, August 31st P7 – Friday, September 1st Recap of Previous Class Matter / Energy / Neither Compound vs Solution Moving from … Continue reading


CP03 – Black Boxes

Date Tuesday, August 29th Class Business Chapter Notes Thoughts? Questions? Recap Last Lessson Can I move from one box to another? What kind of process would do that? Activity: Black … Continue reading


CP03 – Long Block 1

Date Wednesday, August 31st Class Business checking on on homework: time ? quality? goals? submissions? shared GDrive folder (create folder, naming,  share) Activity: Black Box [Part A] The purpose of this … Continue reading


CH03 – Black Box

Dates P3 – Tuesday, August 30th P1 – Wednesday, August 31st P5 – Friday, September 2nd Class Business recap chapter notes – thoughts? let’s create shared GDrive folder NOTE: this is … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 07

Dates Period A: Friday, September 4th Period B: Friday, September 4th Period F: Tuesday, September 8th Activity: Black Box Purpose The purpose of this lab is to determine the nature of objects inside a closed … Continue reading